This is a game played by White people like hockey. But it involves when you are with your buddy or opponet and you see a black person you yell my point.
Walking around the mall and see a black person and exclaim MY POINT, after that that one can't be used again and you gain one point.
by 3olah November 11, 2008
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To agree with the point you just made after having to paraphrase it because of lanugage usage.

Used mainly by corporate America executives talking in a high level of vocabulary sprinkled with a great amount corporate jargon.

Subordinates tend to paraphrase the words to verify understanding.
Executive: "Please dial down through this white paper presentation to ensure that all stakeholders are concur and agree with the results."

Non-Executive: "So read the report and make sure it's correct."

Executive: "That's my point exactly."
by downtownatlantaga November 6, 2009
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A demand for, but not limited to, the immediate delivery of purchased microsoft points.
Lt Colonel Bob screams GIMME MY POINTS when xbox live would not deliver his points to him, even though he bought them with his money.
by Lt Colonel Bob January 16, 2009
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When you order Microsoft points and it takes a long time to finalize the transfer and you are impatient. Usually involves lots of raging and profanity.
Example 1
Example 2
'Did you download so-and-so yet?'
"No, I'm waiting for the points to transfer. FUCKING GIMME MY POINTS! FUCK!"
by Drak9Cataclysm February 14, 2009
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That one little miss i got as a result in a uquiz and the desc fit me perfectly. If you searched this it probably suits you too. This result made me spiral so be careful my lovely
by BuzzBuzzBitches August 2, 2022
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