Phrase girls usually use to describe their female role model(s).
Erika: "Found my muse for the new style I want to try out! *shows a pic of her muse*".
Alex: "You're my muse: Lulu".
by Lazule April 1, 2016
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Your kind of music that you really like. Pronounced like the "mus" in "music".
-"I heard some punk tonight..."
-"Youdid? Punk is so my muse!"
by Daschy September 19, 2009
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In the RP community when your muse, (character), isn't coming to you for the moment. Also known as 'My Muse Is Not Responding.'
'I would start working on replies but I've Lost my Muse'
by ryannisgay July 26, 2015
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