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A group or singular entity found at clubs in Australia. This person is *usually* of ethnic background, hence the muzz part and the tech is for techno, the music of choice. This person thinks they are the best person in the club, but usually has very little to no musical knowledge in regards to any form of techno. Most distinguishable is the dress, which consists of often homo-sexual looking clothing such as very thin, open necked cotton pieces, or two wife beaters that are different colours and usually fluro. They often assosciate with big hair, and can't dance at all.
For the last time f***wit, the shuffle is a RAVE dance for RAVING only, don't ruin it with your inadequacy's as a male.

-Jono is such a muzztech, he only just downloaded the others
-ROFL, that song came out and was big a year ago!
by Melbraver April 23, 2007
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a fully sick group of people or single person that thinks their all that and fully sicker then a muzza hense the 'tech' on the end
"yo, fabian is such a muzztech"
by princess_muzza01 August 01, 2006
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