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- Someone who decides to be different from the rest to attract attention.
- People suffering from being a mix of personalities, breeds or ethnicity, which is where the term mutt originates from.
- Somebody who tries to create their own definition or meaning of beauty
- Someone who is simply a plug
- People who need to cleanitup because of the way they choose to present themselves in public.
- When somebody tries or attempts to do something stupid out of their own free will and completely fails.
- Someone who is a baby or princess that decides to avoid certain activities.
An individual decides that he/she isn't going to show up to hockey, because he/she is terrified of the snow that is moderately accumulating outside. - Therefore in conclusion because of the fact that he/she is a princess he/she is considered to be a mutt case
by Mrs. Softy February 07, 2014
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