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mus·tard girl noun
ˈməstərd ɡərl

Becoming a mustard girl is what happens when a basic girl grows self-conscious about being called basic when entering art school/wanting to establish a large following on Instagram. Mg's typically hang out with other mustard girls, sad boy's, and clouty self-deemed "fashion kings" despite having extremely contradictory morals. Mg's call people out on cultural appropriation despite doing it themselves. Mg's wear clothes that are primarily from urban outfitters. Some mg's thrift shop so they don't have to deal with showing up to the diy concert wearing the same quirky t-shirt/mom jeans as another mg. Many mg's believe they are eGirl's, most are not. Vincent Van Gogh. Favorite rapper is Tyler the Creator. Wes Anderson. Photographer yet only photographs only their friends. Excessive amount of accessories such as butterfly hair clips and wear weird ass fucking hats, most likely from UNIF. Not showering or wearing deodorant and replacing it with essential oils. Mg's shop at glossier and wear a lot of lipgloss. The classic mustard girl consists of dressing like a minion and is shady to all of her friends. Jelly sandals. Rose water. Adidas. Canvas tote bags. Toms deodorant. High waisted jeans. Kanken bags. save the bee's. Succulents. Bonus points if you have really bad bangs. vans. adidas.
NOTE: mustard girl is not some type of declaration of war, it is just a meme. <3 ;)
Girl 1: "Omg! Did you see that mustard girl walking down the hall with the corduroy button up skirt?" Girl 2: "Yeah, I bet that kanken bag is a knockoff.", "Dude, this annoying ass mustard girl is sending me snaps of her juuling with Mac Demarco lyrics.","Does this book look a little too mustardy to you?"
by disturbish July 30, 2018
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