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This person is typically an idiot, and thinks that the ricer mentality applies only to those who drive japanese cars. In the younger stages, they often come into mustang ownership by way of their parent, and is almost always in a v6 configuration. Older mustang drivers liberally throw around the word "Muscle" car, completely ignorant to the Gran Torino, which was faster. Commonly, mustang drivers enjoy talking about their time slips from the last time they went to the track, which was 10 years ago. Mustang drivers also forget that an engine typically loses horsepower over time and with mileage. A great irony lies in the fact that mustang drivers talk about rebuilding their engines, when in reality it is a man named "Jed" at an auto shop rebuilding it, save for in older mustangs. I have found that mustang and camaro drivers are the same person, the only difference being the car their parents bought them when they were in high school, and, both are extremely proud of the fact that a 5 liter v8 has more power than a I4. Mustang owners also brag about their affinity for fixing cars, but are unlikely to do anything outside general maintenance. The only mustang driver worth his merit drives either a '70 429, or an '03 terminator.
Common mustang driver quotes:
"My parents bought me this new mustang for my birthday, and it can totally kick some civic's ass"

"My v6 mustang lost to a K-swapped civic, I better go home and make up shit about ricers on the forums"

"I can replace my sparkplugs, lets see a BMW driver do that"

"If I use this superchip I can get up to 200 more horsepower, which means I can kick that civic's ass without spending more than 400$"
by John ode November 30, 2012
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