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1)A good man, who doesn't always act his age, but is still loved anyway. Not everyone gets his jokes, but he can always make someone smile, whether because of his comedy, or because of the fact that he cares so much.

2) All of the first definition, plus being a member (or the leader) of a War of 1812 reenactment group.
1) That Musselwhite...I don't get his jokes all the time, but he sure knows how to make me smile. :)

2) Hey, you know our reenacting Sergeant is a Musselwhite, right?
by StarDragger December 07, 2008
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coming from the greek word dick. or dickhead. 2. a man who doesn't get laid enough and is probably acting like a douchebaG.
for example " my ex husband is such a musselwhite" or "he's a regular musselwhite".
by no one will ever know January 09, 2008
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