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A phrase what people uses if music is their passion, something that they love to learn with a guitar, drums, bass, ect.

Unfortunately, posers these days uses this to be cool and try to be like everybody else, when they don't even consider picking up an instrument.
Poser: OMG! Music is my life!!
Musician: Dude, you can't even hold a damn guitar pick. Poser.
by DudeLikeYeah February 01, 2009
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Catchphrase for angsty teenagers who, in reality, do not know jack shit about music and waste away their lives learning Saosin and Blink 182 on their drums. Also love to use the word "technical" to describe any fucking music they listen to when half of it could be played by a 12 year old with a guitar.
D00d music is my LIFE xxx y'all haters gonna say Attack attack sucks Imma FUCK YOU UP fake bitches!
by Sam Scholex January 30, 2010
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