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A dog of unknown parentage from Northern Labrador, NL.

The term was first coined by Litters 'n' Critters Animal Rescue to describe the stray dogs that proliferate the Northern Labrador communities.

Labra = Labrador origin
Mushka = the "mush" of many different dogs which make up the Northern Labrador
Doodle = a humorous play on the new "breeds" of dogs being crossed with poodles and billed as purebred or high end"doodles"

The term was popularized in the media in July 2012 when FedEx shipped 53 of these dogs from Labrador to Litters n Critters in Halifax, NS to find new homes. The plane carrying the dogs was dubbed the "Labramushkadoodle Express."
We don't know what breed she is - she's a Labramushkadoodle!
by nimue August 31, 2012
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