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A very large human turd having all of the following characteristics:

1. One end of the turd completely disappears into the hole at the bottom of the toilet while showing no signs of tapering off.

2. The other end of the turd pokes out of the water so that it does not begin to taper off at any point beneath the water line.

3. The turd must have arrived in its present state/form completely unassisted. In other words, manipulation of a turd after it is expelled from the anus disqualifies it as a proper mushkadini.
Dave: Dude, I took Jean to this all-you-can-eat place last night and then dropped a sweet mushkadini at her apartment.

Bill: That's hilarious...Did she say anything?

Dave: Yeah. Stupid bitch said it wasn't a true mushkadini because it tapered off beneath the waterline or something.

Bill: You showed Jean your mushkadini?
by Jdog1 July 24, 2009
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