The aching legs one develops after a prolonged period of slow walking interspersed with standing still, especially when going round a museum or some other attraction where visitors are forced to be constantly on their feet.
Isn't there somewhere to sit in this place? After three hours of shuffling past Old Masters my museum legs are killing me!
by Erik_K January 27, 2009
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Also known as MLS. Similar to mall feet. A feeling of exhaustion, particularly in the legs, after only a short period of time in a museum. This syndrome is most severe in art museums. Although sitting temporarily eases the pain, the feeling becomes worse upon standing up.
Dude, you're really digging this Monet.
Nah. It's just my Museum Leg Syndrome was really bad, and this painting had a bench in front of it.
by J Quizzay January 19, 2009
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the necessity of sitting down or doing something else the minute you walk into an art museum no matter how much energy you previously had.
Gah, it's like I have art museum legs, I'm already exhausted and we just got here!
by avashirin April 22, 2011
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