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A small town on the north-east coast of New South Wales, Australia, over run by lesbian women, Hare Krishnahs, Goths and biker/truckie men with Santa beards. A large percentage of the population has never left this town, but still believe that it is the coolest place you will ever see.

It is also known as Murbs, Murbah and Murhole.
Wow, there seem to be a lot of people without shoes on!

Dude, get used to it, this is Murwillumbah.
by KayEfSee4Me December 20, 2010
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Its a town full of eshays, lesbians, crack heads and scooter riders. Theres two places you should never go in that town knox park and the bowls club (the bowls club is gross). If you come and live in this town you will most likly stay in the town for the rest of your life (that is why people from there call it murhole). If you have been born in murbar hospital you are a murbarian. Do not be frightened by jeff hes actually really nice. Try not to get rolled or stabed. Stay away from grots like annie, kirra burke, asha and you'll be right.
"towns so boring unless ur drunk and stoned"

"Well what do u expect its murwillumbah"
by Nottoowell July 31, 2019
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