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1. A nation in which everyone wants to be a part of. A happy glourious place, sometimes it is party central. This place is filled with laughter, tranquility, harmony, peace and love. Murphnation does not exist unless murph is actually present. Murph is the happiest, coolest, person you'll ever meet. In fact...shout out...LOVE YOU BIDDY. She can dance, hoop, twirl, and spin, and when she does, all is right in the world. (the best kind of nation to be in)
2. Murphnation is also close to an orgasm. Actually it's even better. When the rub is right, shivers run thoughout your body and you just want to scream. Phriends who have gone through this are most likely to go through withdraw if lacking 'murphnation.' It is healthy to have this more then 5 times a year. If you are lucky will happen everyday.
Ah murphnation was so fun last night, I creamed all night.

Damn, I murphanated everywhere.

Anyone feel like doing a little murphnation tonight? Unc, unc, unc...
by spinninhooopla October 04, 2006
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