Crime shows that depict real events, usually homicides. Especially popular with middle-aged married people.
Nightmare in Suburbia is some top notch murder porn!
by Ella LaBella May 11, 2015
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Pornography involving the mutilation or death of an individual. Often considered to be a disgusting variation of classical porn.
Stabbing a woman while raping her, now THAT's murder porn.
by Rooney Pwner December 2, 2005
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True crime shows used primarily by middle aged couples to get aroused. This phrase was coined by South Park in the season 17 episode of the same name.
Randy:"What is Minecraft, and how do you tame a horse in it?"
Stan:"You guys don't need to be watching that stuff."
Randy:"Oh come on! You can't block your parents from watching informative murder porn!"
by Fractured but Whole October 24, 2017
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