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A rare creature that can only be found in the hills east of Perth, Western Australia. This rare creatures habitat is much like that of a cockroach and can be found in most household refuse. The Munx rarely leaves the home/urban environment and is thought to be one of the most filthy disease spreading creatures known to man.

The Munx can often be found around the light of a TV or Computer Screen and is able to sleep for very small amounts of time. Strangely this creature goes into hibernation when the World of Warcraft "Blackrock" server goes down especially for maintenance on a tuesday night.

The Munx primarily feeds on piss, smokes, bongs and anything else that only takes a couple of minutes to consume (in case he gets PK'd)

This creature should never be given a 700ml bottle of Johnny Walker as strange and offensive behaviour will DEFINATELY insue.
Munx says: "I'm a BETTER CUNT than you!"
(said to father figure, while drenched in own urine, after downing 1 bottle of Johnny straight)

"Here's my balls, there they are!"
(While balls protrude through zipper and are placed on edge of kitchen counter after 1.3 bottles of Johnny straight. Then proceeds to stir straight whiskey with own dick on request)

by Guats January 18, 2006
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