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The extreme use of mind boggling chemical substance that was once a solid form that will/can be heated into a liquid form and then a gas form to be in hailed into the lung and spread through out the body which in some extreme cases has been proven to leave some females outrageously unaware of the real cunt inside her has been let loose and is on the prowl for any male in a 100 meters of the infected area. Once the liquid has cool down it will turn back in to its solid form. The experience lasting between 7 to 24 hours depends on the amount consumed before and while in this state of mind. Can last long days, weeks, months even years.. usually leading to a small padded room with dim lights.. But hay we dont party in halves.
Must be experienced to understand the true meaning of 'Munt out with your cunt out'

Sit back and relax..... Enjoy the munt out with your cunt out!!

Consume at high levels (at own risk)
by MuffinCrack October 16, 2011
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