Female name meaning: adorable little bird; stunningly HOT
Person A: That girl is drop dead gorgeous! WHAT'S HER NAME?!?!
Person B: Oh, her name is Munia! She's AMAZING!!!!!
Person A: WOW! She's smoking hot!
Person B: Yeah, every guy wants to be with her and every girl wants to be her.
Person A: Sounds like a Munia! <3
by LittleSenorita October 10, 2013
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A female name derived from an alien. These people can kill with their faces. They are very ugly. If you come into contact with them call NASA or the space police.
That munia girl is a real crowd scarer.
by almunia April 01, 2017
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Name for a teenybopper of a girl who is super annoying and has the emotional maturity of a 12 yr old.
That one girl munia keeps leading on tons of guys simply because she loves attention.
by Jessestinkman October 19, 2013
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