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1. Being fooled, by a gregarious figure, into believing something is for your own good when it is the exact opposite.

2. When you have been hoodwinked into pre-paying for a service performed by a self-deprecating, yet earnest person who has no intention of completing it and whose sole purpose is taking your money.
1. He told me "Darling, you're young, don't waste your time sitting in that classroom. Go out and explore the world, you can always go back when you're ready." Thirty years later, I'm rotating between bagging and checking receipts at Wal-Mart; I was Mundweilered!

2. "That jerk never finished paving my driveway. I've been trying to call him for three weeks but he never answers; I was Mundweilered!"
by Ralph Wiggins May 24, 2008
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