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A leftist, American or western European who hate western civilization in general, and America in particular. Though most of these creatures have a college indoctrication, they have no real knowledge of history, or how most of the world currently lives. They hate western civilization in general, and America in particular. They hate Christians, Jews and most other religions that are not PC and embrace radical Islam. They have no clue that, as they evolved, Judea-Christian values ended witch hunts and allowed the concept of religious freedom, including atheism, ended slavery, allowed tolerance for those who are different, and realized that women are to be valued and respected. Judea-Christian values gave us the Magna Carta, and ended the Divine Right of Kings with the American Declaration of Independence and made into the law of a nation the natural rights in the American Bill of Rights. In their feel good endeavor, they encourage minorities and immigrants to take full advantage of social programs trapping them in perpetual dependency. They also discourage assimilation which leads to the host nation turning into the shitholes the people that came here were trying to leave in the first place. They are also the most shocked when an immigrant performs a part of their culture, such as an honor killing or female circumcision.
Did you see the multiculti on TV last night?
Yeah. She was all upset about that Kenyan dad that circumcised his daughter.
Not only that, he beat the shit out of his wife for trying to stop it.
by Libtard Eradicator June 30, 2013
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A term meaning a person of mixed ethnic heritage. It is a positive, inclusive term. Can be used as a noun or adjective. It replaces negative, offensive terms like "mulatto", "quadroon" or "halfbreed."
Carl is French and Asian American. His wife, Sharon, is Latina and African American. They have a multiculti son named Jonathan.
by poppysister March 15, 2006
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