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The ability to avoid doing many things all at once.

MULTICRASTINATION the inaction of not doing anything
I have 30 e-mails to answer and dinner to cook and a research paper to write, but I'm going to multicrastinate and listen to my sleep machine make white noise.
by Waughmeister March 14, 2009
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To be proficient at doing many useless things simultaneously to avoid doing one important thing. You harness the power of multitasking to raise your level of procrastination.
That chick can multicrastinate the hell out of a day, she watches Bravo, tweets, does her nails, surfs Perez Hilton quietly judges others in the room, catches glimpses of herself in any shiny surface instead of contributing in any way shape or form to the betterment of society.
by Cumber Van Walters September 17, 2009
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