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You're at a party, and theres a very hot chick there, but she shoots you down when you try to make your move. so later on you wait til shes sitting down and facing the other direction, deep in conversation with your friend. This part takes extreme guile and Wit. You slowly creep up on that self-righteous Bitch, then start masturbating inaudibly so she doesnt expect you, when your close to climax go close to her face and get her attention then jizz on her face, she'll open her mouth in shock, so you insert your penis, for a wee bit of Felatio, and to wipe off all your excess Semen, finish with a cock slap, then make your exit. This is best performed in a different state/county/country or continent due to the extreme disrespect youll get from the local folk, back home though, await your Heroes welcome!
"I was at this house-party in Idaho and this hot chick was there, she shot me down when i made my move, That bitch got the Mullan-Surprise by the end of the night!"

"I gave this bitch a Mullan-Surprise while i was away on holiday"
by Herd-Mizzack December 20, 2006
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