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Similar to 'drug state' but when it’s routes are stragetic importance to the trader and transporter.

From the common usage of slang for the term Mule 'A person paid to smuggle drugs' but on a more national or macroeconomic-geopolitcal level.
While a drug state is favoured for it's growth of narcotics within it's borders, a mule nation is a country which encourages the transportation of items (whatever that may be) as it's routes of where it's positioned geopolitically holds trade importance to other sovereign states as a joiner between countries, an investment in a MN would be roads and railways to be build to improve the efficiency of that trade. The positive business of the country is it's usage by other nations to compete.

"A mule nation is a middle-man between drug-states and it's buyers"
by Grasshopperheavy31 September 02, 2015
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