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Mug Ball 'Mug the person with the Ball' is a school yard game that is also known by the names: 'Muckle (sometimes called 'muckle the man with the ball', 'kill-the-guy-with-the-ball', 'kill the carrier', or 'smear the queer' among other names).

There are no goals, simply a designated playing area (usually a football field). The player carrying the ball (usually a tennis ball) attempts to keep possesion until they are caught by any means (kicking, punching, tripping).
Whoever retrieves the ball first then becomes the next target.

Sometimes the player with the ball throws the ball up in the air, where it is caught by another player who becomes it. This is seen as poor sportmanship and the thrower would usually get tackled anyway for being weak. The game is to exhibit the most strength and bravado whilst carrying the ball.
If players are disliked, the ball is often planted on them by force, allowing others to beat the ball out of them.
DARREN: I only broke my nose today playing Mug Ball.
SMITHY: Yeah, but you held onto the ball for like 2 minutes!
by Big Easy esq. August 03, 2011
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