Mudita is Sympathetic Joy (vicarious joy, the opposite of jealousy).
As you meet friends, silently wish them these blessings:
Mudita – may your wisdom and goodness ever increase.
Metta – may you be free from danger, happy, peaceful, strong, healthy, and have ease of being.
Karuna – may you be free from suffering.
Upekha – although I have these wishes for you, you are the heir to your own karma. Your happiness depends on your own actions and not my wishes for you.
by Marc Arnold Olson February 16, 2008
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Joy in the joy of others regardless of one’s own circumstances or suffering. Considered an element of the Buddha nature. An extreme example occurred in ancient times when a Buddhist monastery was overrun, pillaged and ransacked by a horde of hostile barbarians and one legendary monk is said to have maintained a state of Mudita for his tormentors even as he was drawn and quartered.

The opposite of schadenfreude (perverse pleasure in the misery or failure of others)
I’m filled with Mudita when I walk past the playground full of laughing, squealing, and exuberance of children playing
by ‘Aether 00 August 3, 2022
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