Combination of Love and Respect -

when used by a man to address a woman
'Much Love Sweetheart'
by FF4REAL October 18, 2010
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An acceptable, some might say endearing, valediction (farewell) used as a sign of affection between male friends (bros) without insecurities about their, or your, sexuality.

As other definitions have pointed out: women may also employ this phrase, however this is not something to scorn them for; many of us suffer from ignorance of alien-cultures.
American: It was good talking to you again broseph, much love.

British: Toodle-pip old chum; it's been marvelous, much love to you.

Woman: Ha, ha, that is so funny, much love Jimmy; must dash.

Italian: Il nostro amore è la cosa più importantissima nella mia vita. Io brucio per amore di voi. Tu sei con me ovunque io vada. Ora e per sempre, il mio sexy maschile, molto amore.
by Scirerus September 24, 2012
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When you are not ready to say “I love you” or you just don’t feel that way towards the person you are talking to or who u f/w. A less intense way of saying those 3 scary words.
by mylovaaaaaaa342 June 3, 2019
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The phrase some females will use on guys they only consider as friends, when saying their goodbyes, thank yous, or farewells in a conversation, letter, or email.

They use this phrase because they do not want to say, "I Love you" but they do not want to look too uninterested by just saying , "Thank you" or "Sincerely"

So they go with something just in between that'll still give them power over the guy without losing the chase.

A sly verbal tactic for females to essentially whip the males with hope and a false sense of security and attention.
Aw...that's so cute. Much love, (insert tool's name here)
by O T January 4, 2008
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"much love" or "much love for you" is a way of giving props and/or showing respect to your homies and/or family members, whether they are male or female. it does not necessarily reflect feelings of sexual desire, but expresses affection between friends.
1.) between friends: "you know your my my boy/my girl and i have much love for you"
2.) between male friends: "much love for ya, bro"
3.) or simply say "much love" at the end of a casual encounter, regardless of gender
by Anonymous Homie December 10, 2007
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