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A super heroine in the Marvel Universe. The alter ego of Caroline Susan Jane "Carol" Danvers. Also known as Binary and Warbird.

After being caught in an explosion of a kree device (and being rescued by Captain Marvel), the dna of the two merged and she inherited the powers and abilities of Mar-vell. Inspired by Captain Marvel, she became Ms. Marvel.

She is/was associated with the Avengers (member), the Mighty Avengers (former leader), New Avengers(member), the Starjammers (former member; as Binary) and the X-Men (ally).

Other things you should know about her:
- she has blue eyes and blond hair. she's 5"11 and weighs at 127 ibs.
- she has a really, really, very, very hot body with a costume to flaunt it. in fact many people recognize her due her ass and boobs
- in her early days as an avenger she flirted with captain america at times but nothing ever came out of it. but other than that, they are really close friends. but personally if you ask me, i think Ms Marvel and Captain America have somewhat of a flirtationship
- in an alternate universe, she has a sexual relationship with Tony Stark aka Iron Man
- she used to have a drinking problem (which was noticed by Iron Man) and helped her with it
- in the marvel civil war, she sided with pro registration led by iron man
-iron man is very close friends with ms m, but finds her attractive at the same. it's not known if the feelings are returned back.
comic fanboy a: wat's ur fav superhero?
comic fanboy b: Ms. Marvel
comic fanboy a: since when u read super chicks?
comic fanboy b: since i saw this *shows cover of ms marvel vol 2 1*
comic a: DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Tht is 1 hawt chick!
by cutiepiediva January 01, 2012
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