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a definition of a trasvestite or hermafrodite distinguishing them from those who stick on their gender as male or female.

I invented this word in appr. 2000 and sometimes use to use it occasionally but never met it in media.
In our days and environment of political correctness, it cannot be considered correct if a trasvestite or hermafrodite is addressed as Mr., Mrs. or Ms. – the addressing person hardly can or sometimes even cannot surely know what is the bilogical status of the addressee. Mr. is srtictly for a males, and Mrs./Ms. strongly for females (depending only marital status).
But, as recently media reported, a human being earlier converted from female to male then decided to give a birth to a baby and did it though still claiming be a male.
I do not think this word may have a consize form like Mister = Mr.
Recently Mriss NameSurname gave a birth to a baby. Mriss Surname N. years ago coverted the gender from female to male but then decided to become a mother without returning to the prior gender.
by Boris Megrelishvili September 11, 2008
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