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A youtube channel that has creepy allegedly true stories. All well written. There is usually about 2-4 stories per video. They're all scary at first. But watch them more often and you'll be addicted. SUBSCRIBE TO HIM
Guy #1: Have you seen Mr. Nightmare?
Guy #2: Yea I watch him all the time. He's great!
Guy #1: He's the best!
by a fallen star xxx March 03, 2019
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The most prominent YouTuber in the horror community. Uploads allegedly true scary stories submitted by viewers along with imagery, music, and effects that make it entertaining asf. Recently hit 5 mill on YouTube. From New York. Does not interact with his fans much but we do know his real name is Tyler Benjamin Ventura and his mother recently had cancer.
Kohn Jasinski: "Bro i'm funna hop on Youtube what do I watch"
Jwayne Dohnson: "bro you gotta fr watch Mr. Nightmare dude's one of the best youtubers alive"
Kohn Jasinski: "ight bet"
by unintelligent human June 29, 2020
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