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the true definition of awesome. everything else is shit in comparison. he pees chocolate gold and craps silver apples but refuses to let any orphans have some because death from malnutrition is funny to him. you can never be him, and if you do that means you have become him by killing him...buts thats impossible because he can never die, so fuck off dill weed. He thinks applejacks taste like apples and he can see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch. He doesn't trust Guatemalans, and he thinks Toy Story is the greatest film ever made. It is impossible to hate Mr Terrible because it is a form of bigotry that is punishable under the Queen and her counsel of Hispanic watermelons.
kid 1: I wish I was Mr terrible
kid 2: Too bad asshole
kid 1: I hate you, you're a bad friend
kid 2: I'm sorry, lets never fight again.
by Mr Terrible October 24, 2007
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