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A nickname given to someone who is suave and charming to almost legendary proportions. Particularly apt if individual in question has been known to attract such specemins as scabby 17 year old tracksuit wearing chavs, whose only career prospects are that they might be promoted to toilet duty if they work hard for five years.

Also known to attract older women.

When drunk, however, a potential Mr Silk must lose his posh accent, not to mention the suave, and utter such classic lines as "Look at her arse" whilst drinking copious amounts of Stella Artois.

Particularly good nick-name if your potential Mr Silk is a Ginger.
Mr Silk: "Do you come here often?"
Victim: "Ah, Mr Silk, Thou playest me like a lute."
by Pippy Longstocking August 22, 2006
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