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The sudden burst of motivation received from watching an emotionally uplifting movie in a time of despair or sorrow. This feeling usually leaves as quickly as it has arrived.
An example of being "Movievated":
3:00 PM: Dude I'm so bored, what is my life, i need a job.. Hey, Braveheart is on HBO, sweet!
5:57 PM: Wow, what a captivating story, amazing bro
6:00 PM: (on phone) "Yeah mom, no I swear I'm going to get a job and I'm going to pay you back... no i will i promise I'll do whatever it takes, I'm a changed man.. ok.. i love you too.. bye..." Wow bro I feel so much better.
9:00 PM: Dude, lets get some dominos.. no its cool i got my mom's credit card... you like meat-lovers right?
by Joey Jerz January 22, 2011
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