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The process of getting over a painful relationship breakup.
After me and Betty broke up, it was all for at least six months...
by LanceM September 24, 2007
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Soros caused the Thai stockmarket to crash and he also has bought up all of the media in Europe and has brainwashed them all into hating Americans with his lies and propaganda.Soros is a militant atheist who favors NEW WORLD ORDER fascism.
by I defect from the human race August 23, 2004
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Site carefully written by liberals to make it seem like they are interested in the interests of Americans. In reality, all things on the site are in the interest of George Soros who is a liberal jizz mopper that hates everything american. The site recently turned into a Barack Obama fansite, and I'd think that would be bad for Obama to have a bunch of loser assbags supporting him.
The closest thing to's philosophy is communism.
by opollis August 23, 2008
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An increasing shrill website that uses any means necessary to smear Bush. Facts never really mattered, as long as the noise level was high. Largely funded by George Soros, a far-left extremist, and largely made up of other extreme leftists. should be called to accurately reflect the slackers that adhere to MoveOn's principals. Such as they are.
by tradesman October 29, 2004
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