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A feeling that one possesses when so sexually frustrated that they become desperate for sex, and any opportunity for coitus is a go, so much that person may start to creep (even though they normally wouldn't).

First used in Kansas City in 2010 at the Riot Room to describe a woman extremely intoxicated who was creeping on any man who would give her attention. The quote has roots in the first track off of Ryan Adams' album Heartbreaker titled (Argument with David Rawlings Concerning Morrisey)
Ex. 1:

Dude 1 "Dude, did you see Amy last night? She was eyein the room looking for any dude who would let her ride. She ended up pilin' on Squeak!"

The 2nd Dude: "I know man, she had a mouthful of cookies!"

Ex. 2:

Dudette 1: " That guy keeps checkin me out, do you think he's a creep?"

Dudette 2: "He been up downing every girl in this bar! He's got quite the mouthful of cookies."
by 500 Year Flood June 30, 2010
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