Mousehole, mouseholes

1. Adult tourist( See tourista) that visit Disney World who exhibit childish or idiotic behavior. Mouseholes are easily identified by characteristic items of clothing ; oversized Micky Mouse ears, a "Cat in the Hat" hat or a "Its a Small World"fanny pack."
2. Surly Disney employees or managers.
1. "Geez ,that mousehole in the Taurus cut me off on the Beachline and I had to circle around to get back on."

2. "Damn, that mousehole grinned right at me and purposely gave me a screwed up soda..its all syrup."

3. "Nice hat, mousehole!
by Global Feetus April 3, 2007
Before hitting that ass, shaving your head except for a few strands, then bringing your bald head to her anus and trying to fit through, like a mouse desperately trying to enter a hole. Other possibles alternatives are by using your pubes to resemble whiskers and fitting your balls in her ass
My and my girl tried mouseholing last night
by TigerKingDick March 21, 2017