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Motaint, noun, (Moe-Taint)
A Motaint is a medium sized monkey indigenous to the South America regions, more specifically Brazil and Venezuela, allthough some have sited in Chile.
The monkeys get there name from fighting with the Tribe of Cow and at one point in the middle ages all the monkeys were executed except two (2), and then the cows took the remaining 2 monkeys and cut off their taint and had it sewn on there foreheads, then the last monkeys were forced to breed and the race became Motaints. Only 7 dead Motaints have even been found, they have never been studied alive or in there natural habitat.
Did you see that Motaint? No I didnt.
I heard the Motaints attacked the Cows again.
by Kevin Weiss January 19, 2006
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