It’s what Steph says when she wants to brag about how much she loves me
Me: “I love you”
Her: “I love you more
Me: “I love you most
Her: “I love you mostest
by KCtheLovingDork June 14, 2021
More then more
by Bahhabbah October 9, 2017
To prove that yes you can love someone mostest and you CAN add words to the dictionary.
Girl: "I love you most"
Guy: "I love you mostest"
Girl: "Thats not a word, you cant add words to the dictionary"
Guy: "Watch"
by EJackson January 6, 2022
When you love your kids more than they will ever know. Mostest is in fact a word
by Mom4Bell January 11, 2023
Mostest is a phrase that a boyfriend invented for his girlfriend to express how much he loves her!
Anton: I love you!
Natali: I love you too baby!
Anton: mostest..?
Natali: mostest
by XIXVIIIIMMII May 3, 2018