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When in a mosh pit of such viciousness that you are pushed and pulled in all directions and manners. Your personal space/ability to stand freely is violated to such a degree that you have no choice but to leave the mosh pit or suffer the consequences - e.g. lose a shoe/eye or get trampled on.

This usually occurs when surrounded by those who have no mosh pit etiquette or are in a mosh pit for the first time coupled with their first drinking experience.

The feeling of violation stays with you long after the experience.
Person 1: How was The Fray concert?

Person 2: Terrible! I was moshraped by a bunch of tweens during the support act!
by Mars [Bar] March 24, 2009
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One who has been raped by Moshrunner810 on XBOX Live. Especially in a Call of Duty match.
Player #1, "Holy shit, how did you die?"
Player #2, "I got raped by Mosh..." - Moshraped
by DeathbyFear June 12, 2010
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