Person 1: I just can't wait for Mortal Combat 11

Person 2: it's Mortal Kombat dumbass
by Midly entertaining February 7, 2019
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When your girl is giving you head and right before you bust she yells "FINISH HIM!" and you blast in her mouth. She flies back and plays dead on the floor while you FINISH on her chest, face, etc...
Hey, are you into Mortal Combatting?
by Brasher357 October 22, 2015
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when you slam a girl in bed so hard that she has her period the next day like chuck norris beat up her pussy. while your smoking weed at the same time.
John:dude i played mortal combat with my girl that she couldnt walk the next day! and same as ur mom...
by SARAHCALMYOURTITS August 17, 2011
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The sex act in which the woman, while giving her male partner a blow job, shouts "Finish Him," then clamps down on his penis, only releasing after her partner cries.
I decided to show him who was boss, so I performed a little Mortal Combat Felati-ality... the game is cool, but seeing him cry like a little girl was even cooler.
by angelicacharisma May 8, 2012
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