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small town in the central california coast. Home of bored cops who live to break up what few parties there are. And home of the worlds SLOWEST and balless drivers. Mostly because of the large number of extremely old inhabitants. Also weekend spot for fresno and bakerfields trash.
Hiram: My grandma in Morro Bay got her house raided by the cops.

Jeff: why? what did she do?

Hiram: she was watching Leave it to Beaver with the volume up too loud.
by Br00talElliott April 16, 2009
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People think its a cool small town who havn't lived in a small town before. Although there are many republicans, there are more liberals with more COEXIST stickers than is healthy. Basically a lack of thinking for oneself Also home to an extremely large population of douches/bros. In order to fit in you must have no personality/opinions, have white sunglasses or a crooked LA or SF hat. have skateboard brand stickers on your car that went outa style 4 years ago, and drive 5 mph under the speed limit even if you are 20 years old. There is NOTHING to do in 200 miles in any direction. a vacation place for dirty fresno and bakersfield trash. about 5 guys to every girl. But it has perfect weather.
Bo'Vice: i just got back from SLO (San Luis Obispo) bro!

Chad: how was it homie?

Bo'Vice: it was chill dog, we played beer pong til my 59-50 hat got beer on it. Then went through the 5 blocks of downtown. Finally drove for 4 hours going 55mph on the 101 home. it was tight brosef!
by Br00talElliott April 16, 2009
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