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Morrell Park is located in NE Philadelphia. The neighborhood is also known as
MP1. When in Morrell, you might hear the chant "Morrell Park Where the Big Dogs
Bark" and I am not going to lie that is a true statement. Everyone who grew up
in Morrell most likely still lives there and are damn proud. On Friday and
Saturday nights, you'll find kids everywhere from Mitchell Playground to "The Shops" aka Academy Plaza.. Morrell Park is a neighborhood where everyone knows each other and everyone wishes that lived.
Ant: YO where you chillin tonight?
Jack: Morrell Park dog
by Alex Gheey December 31, 2008
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Morrell Park is a neighborhood in the far northeast of Philadelphia. The borders of Morrell Park are frankford ave, Academy rd, Knights rd, and red lion road. The border of red lion rd has been disputed with the lesser people of Modena Park aka MPnone, aka Morrells Left Nut, aka Gigantic Shit Hole. This border gives territorial owner ship of the Academy Plaza aka the shops to the great Morrell Park. The 'Big Dogs' of Morrell Park can be found anywhere from Mitchell Playground to Piccorella Playground which technically is in Modena territory but Morrell runs it. The people of Morrell Park spend their weekends drinking beers and smoking tree at all of their great spots like The Basement, Hell, Slanted Tree, Shortstop, The Tiki Tunnell, The Golfcourse, or in plain sight at Mitchell or Picco cause thats how they roll. The greatest morrellites were brought up in the great halls of Christ the King School.
Morrell Park is better than Modena
by MorrellBigDog July 30, 2010
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Where the best looking kids live. Besides the weirdos at Mitchell Morrell is a chil ass place where people f*** shit up. While there you might get rapped by a kid Shaw though.
Yo, you going to Morrell park?
Na, i aint tryna get rapped by Shaw like Jess.
by Chris Anderson Jr May 20, 2013
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Also known as MP,in the south western part of baltimoe city alot of drug dealing,buying and abuse if you dont live there dont go there you might not come back out breathing,alot of hot girls and niggas,everyone knows everybody
by jhb;hfbht August 25, 2008
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