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When a girl has diarrhea, and has anal sex. she then takes a runny dump mixed with semen on her partners face. they then est the mixture of his face with tortilla chips only to puke it back up into a bowl, in which they will then usually perform a Texas Chili Bowl.
Douchebag: dude me and christy did a moroccan mudslide, closely followed by a texas chili bowl

Douchebag2:Oh man you are so lucky dude christys a total freak

Otherguy: dude... your fucking weird
by JDubz October 23, 2006
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When you cum in a chicks ass, when she's hungover and she sharts on your curtains
Dude, my girl had a Moroccan mudslide this morning !
by Hooli79 June 23, 2017
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