No one's quite sure what it is, but it involves Tabasco Sauce, a Telephone, and the Anus.
Trett Boyette gave the Sixth Grader a Texas Chilibowl.
by Zorgoth The Relentless November 13, 2004
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Referred to in an episode of 'South Park' and that it "involves Tabasco sauce, a telephone and the anus". It can be assumed that the telephone is covered in the tabasco sauce then inserted into the recipient/victim's ass (possibly vagina for women) for maximum discomfort.
I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me, so, to get back at her, I gave her a Texas chili bowl then told her I found out she was cheating.
by MyBrainHurts2 October 15, 2005
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After performing a Moroccan Mudslide, the woman will stand on her head, and the man funnels his own vomit back in to the womans ass and then packs in at least an ounce of cocaine. he then snorts out some cocaine, and then calls a male midget stripper. the stripper pleases the woman with a phone covered in hot sauce, while the man sits in the corner and beats off to aniaml planet. the woman then stands up,and the remaing cocaine, vomit and hot sauce is caught dripping out of her ass in a pot. This is performed by every lunch lady at your school, and the cocaine shit hot sauce vomit semen mixture is then used in another sexual act called The Sloppy Joe.
lunchlady:i love texas chilibowls
Midget: you and your husband are fucking weird
by JDubz October 23, 2006
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To pour hotsauce on someone's anus and then beat it in with an old school heavy telephone receiver (the kind with a cord).
We all hated so we gave him the worst texas chili bowl ever.
by Dankester April 27, 2005
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1. relatively unknown revenge device, all that IS known is that it involves a bottle of Tobasco, a telephone, and the anus

2. Food
"This boy here suffered from a Texas Chili Bowl"
by Chris Fucking Cameron January 07, 2005
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no one really knows what it is. it involves tabasco sauce, a telephone and the anus. it was first heard on the 121st episode of southpark "pre school"
boys you need to let him rest, some mean boy just gave him a texas chili bowl
by ktulu666 March 25, 2009
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