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The act of a guy grabbing the back of another guys underwear band and pulling it upwards . Always both guys ; 2 . A wedgie performed between the hours of 7:00am and 11:00am ; 3. A morning ritual between older brother to younger brother ( or on rare occasions vice versa) this ritual is often turned in to a "daddy drinking game" . Meaning every time dad has a cup of coffee a wedgie is performed on the person on the receiving side of the waistband .
Joe : Good morning kiddo . Dads already had 2 cups of coffee and your overdue .
George: wait are we doing my regular daily wedgie, because we didn't do the last 2 days, or are we playing morning wedgie ?
Joe: morning wedgie . I have to catch up on the last 2 days aswell . . . SOOO .

George: ok .
by David fartshorter January 01, 2014
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