A mid morning break invented by the Disability Employment Network.
Would you like a scone to go with your morning tea?
by meanieoh May 27, 2009
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a sexual position in which the woman does a hand-stand and the man supports the womans' legs while giving her oral sex
I decided that I was going to treat my wife to a principals morning tea
by the_chocolate_juggernaut July 27, 2007
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The sweat left on someone's face from your scrotum after you teabag them.
Rucker: Would you like to join me for some early morning tea?
Courtney: What's that?
by -=RUCKER=- June 14, 2004
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Guy: Good morning sweetie.
Girl: Good morning.
Guy: I'm going to go make my morning cup of tea.
Girl: I hope it's a good one.
by Dode May 25, 2009
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