The opposite of morning after where an individual feels fine without any headaches or such before he/she parties and gets drunk all night long. Unlike the morning after, where you have to deal with killer headaches, you will feel normally fine, only to realize that you were later invited to a party to get crossfaded or drunk.
I spend the morning before doing my homework for chemistry in college, but after I was invited to that party last night, I had to deal with killer headaches and needed pain reliever.
by Ilisten2Metal June 6, 2014
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Morning-before pancakes is mostly for a girl too give a guy if she wants to have it she fills the pancakes with Viagra then she gives them too the man before they know it it's already started
Babe, " what are you cooking,"

" nothing just your favourite morning-before pancakes!"
by Yolo22112 June 8, 2014
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