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Morissa's are sexy,pretty,cute,sweet,nice,tall but not the smartest person you will meet
Morissa's are super nice to their crushes and boyfriends!
They love kids and are super lovable

They can be girly but also love to watch sports
They are amazing kissers and in bed.
They like to talk and get to know people

When they say they love u they mean it

They love to kiss and cuddle

They are naturally pretty they don't need make up to make them look pretty
They also have nice breasts

If a Morissa likes you your a lucky man
That girl is amazing must be a Morissa

I had the best kiss of my life last night it had to be a girl named Morissa

There was a girl at the club with a nice body her name was Morissa
by Sexy_man9898 February 25, 2014
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