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when you're too high and drunk to talk properly and slur all vowels.
I couldn't understand a word, she was speaking Morganese.

her:"Wheeeeeen IIIIII waaaas leeeeeaving IIIII fell."
by Detroit Sarah July 11, 2010
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Within the "(Fear) The Walking Dead" TV universe;
Dialog characterized as being overly metaphorical and philosophical in a writers' attempt to convey an important life lesson, but failing in the process due to it being commonly perceived as pretentious and immersion breaking as it contrasts to how people actually talk in real life. Usually spoken by the character "Morgan" though occasionally found in the dialog of other characters also.
Examples of Morganese:
"I lose people, then I lose myself"
"No one's gone until they're gone, but when they're gone they're gone."
"Just so you know when I stay with people, I always stay, but I'm not planning to stay."
by John Fiddlesticks September 07, 2018
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