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A moose that has come to save nature and bored humans alike, may also be a moose that is a positive role-model, a healer or a shamanistic moose. Moose are commonly wise although somewhat awkward animals. However Moosiah tend to be especially wise and gentle, if not ateast extremely skilled in the ways of the forest, using Upsidasium properly, being awkward and graceful at the same time and getting rid of Russian spies. Often accompanied by a squirrel.
1)For spiritual guidance in the woods or the directions to the nearest Upsidasium mine you should consult with a Moosiah.

2)The most popular and infact only well known Moosiah was Bullwinkle but they can be found in any forest which supports a moose population.

3)Moosiah are plentiful in the wildlife parks of Canada.
by Trisbreya February 18, 2009
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