slang term for disappointing/ dull;
also a type of cheese.
how was your day then?
fairly monterey jack to be honesnt.

i was monterey jack'ed with it.

by Tibbbbs April 27, 2008
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A Wisconsin style threesome involving two women and one male who engage in the act of sexual intercourse involving Kwik-Trip or equivalent type cheese.
Did you hear about Juan Hollywood yesterday? He was arrested for seducing two female police officers out of a traffic violation in a Kwik-Trip parking lot! He fashioned a pair of Monterey-Jack handcuffs and sharp cheddar anal beads, and told the arresting officers it was just your typical "Monterey Jack Minaj." What a boss!
by Herbie Jones March 31, 2021
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The nastiest flavor of Cheez-It® you could ever find. If you like these, you have issues. I'd rather shove knives in my throat than eat those. DO NOT EAT THIS FLAVOR. You will probably throw up immediately because of how disgusting it is. And for those who like this flavor, YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR TASTE BUDS.
"I love Cheez-Its! What flavor are those?" "Monterey Jack Cheez-It®.." "I'd rather swallow nails, nevermind."
by NoodlesBabe August 08, 2012
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The act of pouring spoiled milk all over your penis and shoving it inside your partner's anal cavity, which had a cheez whiz inserted. Then let it ferment for three weeks. Before ejaculating inside.
"Smile did you see me and my bitch did the Monterey jack a couple of days before." "Yeah, I saw you on the dinner table at your stepparents. You sick fuck."
by younevabeentoorgnifyouneva August 04, 2021
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