2 definitions by Herbie Jones

A Wisconsin style threesome involving two women and one male who engage in the act of sexual intercourse involving Kwik-Trip or equivalent type cheese.
Did you hear about Juan Hollywood yesterday? He was arrested for seducing two female police officers out of a traffic violation in a Kwik-Trip parking lot! He fashioned a pair of Monterey-Jack handcuffs and sharp cheddar anal beads, and told the arresting officers it was just your typical "Monterey Jack Minaj." What a boss!
by Herbie Jones March 31, 2021
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A dildo wielding masked marauder who is well versed in truculent warfare.
I saw The Great Dildorro riding this majestic burro into battle where he whacked a couple Karen's in the forehead with his purple dildo.
by Herbie Jones September 19, 2021
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